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1 Who is the celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight?
2 Name something that costs more money if you have a daughter instead of a son.
3 Name something that some people just cannot hold onto.
4 Name a word that most people yell at their dogs.
5 Name a musical instrument that is too big to carry on an airplane.
6 If a witch was not paying attention to where she was flying, name something she might crash into.
7 Name a word a judge might yell out during a tennis match.
8 Name a bad sport for someone who is afraid of the water.
9 Name a beverage that is served at kids birthday party.
10 Name a type of ball you would be surprised to see a golfer tee off with.
11 Name something New York City claims to have the very best of.
12 Name something you wear that might be plaid.
13 Name something that is harder to do if you have braces.
14 Name something cats have that people do not.
15 Name something people have to run to catch.
16 Name someplace you would find a water fountain.
17 Name a type of fish people order at fine restaurants.
18 Name something people wear when they want to dress casual.
19 Name a reason why a baby might be cranky.
20 Name something you might take with you for an overnight stay at the hospital.
21 Name something a hospital uses to transport patients.
22 Name a state that gets a lot of tourists.
23 Name something people do with snow.
24 Name a tiny creature which frightens big people.
25 Name something people save.
26 Name something Washington, DC has a lot of.
27 Name someplace where you might find lint.
28 Name a profession where ethics really do not count.
29 Name something people do to cool down on a hot summer day.
30 Name a sandwich that tastes great on a roll.
31 Name a food that has a lot of fiber.
32 Name a animal that you are surprised that some people keep as a pet.
33 Name something people do while driving even though they know they should not.
34 Name something that is better when it is hot.
35 Name an animal we eat that would never eat us.
36 Name something people do to get on their boss' good side.
37 Name something that makes you itch.
38 Name something that receives a grade.
39 Without seeing it, name a way you can tell someone has a cat in their house.
40 Name a fruit with lots of seeds.
41 Name something belonging to your boss you might use if he or she was gone all day.
42 Name a profession where ethics really do not count.
43 Name something you can find in a Denver omelet.
44 Name something women get excited about.
45 Name something that comes in nuggets.
46 Tell me a women's name that starts with the letter "J."
47 Name a magazine that has news about celebrities.
48 According to women: What is the most important element in a relationship?
49 Name a reason you might be up on your roof.
50 Besides a church, name a place where people get married.
51 Name a company that makes batteries.
52 Name a famous pig.
53 Name something people do with their fingernails.
54 Name a reason why people might suddenly close their car window.
55 Name something you need if you want to go bowling.
56 Name a reason people take out a loan.
57 Name something you could find in an art class.
58 Name a place where you see lots of joggers.
59 What is a problem most people have in their lives?
60 Name something men often carry in their pockets.
61 Name an animal you would feed at a petting zoo.
62 Name sport that does not use a ball.
63 Name another word for "smart."
64 Name a type of salad people eat at a picnic.
65 Name the most annoying monthly bill.
66 Name something a gardener does to a lawn that you would not do to a grass skirt.
67 Name something associated with Prince Charles.
68 Name a reason why someone might start sweating.
69 Besides potatoes, name something you would find in a potato salad.
70 Name something you would see a lot of at Kansas.
71 Tell me a bad job for someone who hates horses.
72 Name something on a Swiss Army knife that you would be surprised to see the Swiss Army fighting with.
73 Name a planet you would recognize just by looking at a picture of it.
74 Name a fruit you never buy just one of.
75 Name a famous composer whose music is performed by a symphony orchestra.
76 According to single men: What is the one thing you might want to know when you meet a women, but do not have the nerve to ask?
77 Name a holiday that people wear special colors for.
78 According to men: You should never interrupt a women when she is _______ .
79 Name something people have to be careful of when they are swimming in the ocean.
80 Name something about their jobs that teachers hate.
81 Name something people mistake for a U.F.O.
82 Name the first food people learn how to cook.
83 Name something you hold very carefully.
84 Name something a plant needs to grow.
85 Name a current movie star known for having a great smile.
86 Name an animal little boys use to frighten girls.
87 Name a section of the newspaper most people do not read every day.
88 Name something that is harder to do in the snow.
89 Name something associated with Donny and Marie.
90 Name a part of the body that gives you problems as you get older.
91 Name another word for a restaurant.
92 Past or present, name a famous New York Yankee.
93 Name a catalog that men like to look at.
94 Name a bad job for someone who is afraid of dogs.
95 Name one of the basic necessities of life.
96 Name something a women might put in her hair.
97 Name one fact about Janet Jackson.
98 Name an animal that a zoo usually has a lot of.
99 Name a famous singer who is also an actress.
100 Name a part of a women's body that men prefer to be small.
101 Name a performer or group whose music seems to span over generations.
102 Name an animal hikers fear running into.
103 Name a feature people pay extra for when buying a new car.
104 Name something people accidentally walk into.
105 Name something a man with a big belly looks like he just swallowed.
106 Name something you can see a lot of in a Las Vegas casino.
107 Name a Spanish word everybody knows.
108 Name something in an office that drives people crazy when it is not working.
109 Name a job that requires a tuxedo.
110 Which U.S. city would you most be afraid to live in?
111 Name something that married women might be sick of doing.
112 Name something people do to make their feet feel good.
113 Name a sport where people wear helmets.
114 Besides sporting events, name a television show that is on once a year.
115 Name a sport that a lot of senior citizens play.
116 Name something your parents still give you.
117 Name a magazine that is filled with pictures of celebrities.
118 Name a US state that has big mountains.
119 Name something that used to be free that there is now a charge for.
120 Name something a five year old might pray for.
121 Name a famous female comedian.
122 Name something people like to look at when they are bored.
123 Name a place where you see a lot of mirrors.
124 Name something specific that people make reservations for.
125 Name a part of the body that frequently gets sunburned.
126 Name a word or phrase that begins with the word "egg."
127 Name one of Santa's reindeer.
128 Name something you associate with Sylvester Stallone.
129 Name a place where people might get claustrophobic.
130 Name a kind of muffin.
131 Name something that runs on a schedule.
132 Name a U.S. city that begins with the letter "L."
133 Name a villain Batman and Robin are always fighting.
134 Name something no marriage ceremony would be complete without.
135 Name a great toy for a child who likes to build things.
136 Name a famous Mary.
137 Name something a man would take off his toupee to do.
138 Name something people get autographed.
139 Name someone you might ask directions from while driving.
140 Name a food you do not have to chew to swallow.
141 Name a word or phrase the Post Office stamps on a package.
142 Name a beverage that has bubbles in it.
143 Name someone a man relies on for advice.
144 Name something there is more of in the suburbs.
145 Name a kind of sandwich.
146 Name an occupation that might require you to be sneaky.
147 Name a country known for its ancient ruins.
148 Name a musical instrument people use both hands to play.
149 Name a good food to throw in a food fight.
150 Name a kitchen appliance that might be built-in.
151 Name something people do to prepare for a vacation.
152 Name a slang expression for the phrase "be quiet."
153 Name a way you can tell if someone is lying.
154 Name something people sterilize.
155 Name an occasion or event after which you might be broke.
156 Name something you might cut out of your morning routine if you were in a big hurry.
157 Name an animal people are afraid of.
158 Name a city where lots of rich people live.
159 Name a part of your car that most people have heard of but have no idea what it does.
160 When people drive with one hand on the steering wheel, name something they do with their other hand.
161 Name a place that might have a waiting list.
162 Name something that people associate with Hawaii.
163 Name a place where several strangers might sleep in the same room.
164 Name a musical instrument that would not make sense in a marching band.
165 Name a holiday when most people in the U.S. get the day off.
166 Name someone who is living proof that diets do not work.
167 Name a school supply kids are always running out of.
168 Name something you do to keep burglars out of your house that does not seem to work on the Tooth Fairy.
169 Name something a robber would hate to have happen to his car while he was inside robbing a bank.
170 If a bad magician yanked a tablecloth from a fully set table, name something that might hit the ground.
171 Name an animal that you are surprised that some people keep as a pet.
172 Name an animal most people never want to touch.
173 Name something about a person that might cause a judge to give him or her a break when sentencing.
174 Name a famous person named "Jane."
175 Name something people put in their yards to attract birds.
176 Name something in your home a ghost might turn on and off to scare you.
177 Name something a model does to make sure she looks just right for her big photo.
178 Name something you might get hit with if you were at the park.
179 Name something a guy might ask a girl for at a singles bar.
180 What is a word people often use in place of "whatchamacallit?"
181 Name a famous Mark.
182 Name something school kids sell door to door.
183 Name something you thought existed when you were a child.
184 Name a type of baby food that looks gross but babies love.
185 Name something associated with the Pope.
186 Name a sport where you "serve" a ball.
187 Name something that people might be embarrassed to admit they wear.
188 Name a wild animal you would find living in cities.
189 Name something a teenage girl might envy about other teenage girls.
190 According to men: What does George Clooney have that you don't?
191 Name something you might receive in a gift basket.
192 Name something they give away free to attract fans at a baseball game.
193 Name something you find in a mine.
194 Name something people consider snack food.
195 Name a piece of information people include in a personal ad.
196 Name an action star who could use acting lessons.
197 Name the worst food to eat if you are on a diet. ("Dessert" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
198 Besides meat, name a specific ingredient found in a stew.
199 Name a candy bar with nuts in it.
200 Real or fictional name of someone who has a lot of muscles.
201 Name a sport that gets fans into a frenzy.
202 Name a type of fruit you could grow on a tree in your backyard.
203 Name an animal that might "charge" if you get in its way.
204 Name a fruit you can eat with one bite.
205 Name something a man might wear only on special occasions.
206 Name a musical instrument that is soothing to listen to.
207 Name an object young children sleep with.
208 Name something restaurants serve at a Sunday brunch.
209 Besides gambling, name something people spend money on in Las Vegas.
210 Name something you need to be a belly dancer.
211 If there were a store called "Bodybuilders-R-Us," name something you might be able to buy there.
212 Name something a Ken doll has that the average guy probably wishes he had too.
213 If a coal miner lived in a mine, name something he would have to get used to doing in the dark.
214 Name a kind of tree that streets are named after.
215 Name a form of transportation you wouldn't want to use in a rain storm.
216 Name something a women might keep in her purse.
217 Name a type of book that people DO NOT read for pleasure.
218 Name a kind of bell.
219 Name a country that has a lot of desert.
220 Name an animal that ruins a farmer's crops.
221 Name someplace where you might have a picnic.
222 Name a country the U.S. imports a lot of things from.
223 Name something a little kid might do on the furniture that would tick off his parents.
224 When Hugh Hefner dies name something he might ask to be buried with.
225 Name something a person cannot legally do without a license.
226 Name something a person might do before going to bed that would make it hard for them to get right to sleep.
227 Name something people pour milk in at breakfast.
228 Name something that might be stuffed inside a ravioli. ("Meat" is not a answer. Be more specific.)
229 Name something in your kitchen you would hate to have break before your dinner party.
230 Name something you use when you are cleaning the house.
231 Name a cartoon TV show that grown-ups like watching too.
232 Name something you might find right next to the bathtub.
233 Name something that might not look right if you got ready without looking in the mirror.
234 Name a TV father who is a bad example of a dad.
235 Name something an 8-year-old might bring with them when they stay over at Grandma's house.
236 Name an occasion when parents let their kids eat candy.
237 Name a holiday when you might get dressed up.
238 Name a kind of weather that would cause you not to see as well.
239 Name a part of his body a skinny guy might want to exercise and build up.
240 Name something people associate with elephants.
241 Name an animal you hope you could outrun if it were chasing you.
242 Name an illness that kids give to each other.
243 Name something Jay Leno has more of than the average man.
244 Name a gift for a friend who travels a lot.
245 Name an impulse purchase you might make because they are practically giving it away.
246 Name a famous dog from a comic strip.
247 Past or present, name a famous blonde who proves blondes really do have more fun.
248 Name something specific you check the date of before buying.
249 Name an animal that lives underground.
250 Name a downside to getting a tattoo.
251 Give me a nickname for someone named "Elizabeth."
252 Name someone you would be embarrassed to swear in front of.
253 Name something you would hate to walk on with your bare feet.
254 Name something someone might have a picture of on their winter sweater.
255 Name an electrical appliance people use in the bathroom.
256 Name a way people got around before cars were invented.
257 Name something parents do to get a baby to stop crying.
258 Name something people file.
259 Name something cats love to play with.
260 Name something people do to settle an upset stomach.
261 Name a vegetable that is commonly found in soup.
262 Name something you would prefer to do on Sunday morning instead of going to church.
263 Name an animal that starts with the letter "A."
264 Name something that little boys hate being told to do.
265 Name something an artist uses.
266 Name a profession people make mean jokes about.
267 Name a place people spend more money than they want to.
268 Name a kind of test.
269 Name an occupation in which a man would meet a lot of women.
270 Name a word that starts with "Tooth."
271 Besides drinking it name something people use water for every day.
272 Name an article of clothing that men will wear even if it has a hole in it.
273 Name something you might find under people's beds.
274 Name a reason you might suspect your friend is pregnant.
275 Name a color the sky turns when the weather gets bad.
276 If you had a keen sense of smell, name a job you would not have.
277 Name an item a game show loser might win a lifetime supply of.
278 Name something in nature a poet might write about.
279 Name a safety device you would find on a car.
280 Name a kind of bird you might see in your backyard.
281 Name something you would find at a tennis match.
282 Name an electrical appliance most women want on a desert island.
283 Name a country where soccer is really popular.
284 Name a slang expression for eating a lot.
285 Name something people know about Cher.
286 Besides blueberry, name a kind of muffin people eat at breakfast.
287 Name something a police detective might keep in his pocket.
288 Name an expression with the word "monkey" in it.
289 Name a vegetable that goes great with party dip.
290 Name something you would see inside a taxicab.
291 Name something a person might cheat on that could get them into trouble.
292 Name something you would see at every college football game.
293 If babies could talk, name something they might ask for.
294 Name a space you might land on in Monopoly.
295 Name a popular color for a house.
296 Name something you associate with Snow White.
297 Name a famous hotel in Las Vegas.
298 Name a decoration people put outside their house at Christmas.
299 Name a magazine that has a lot of photographs.
300 Name something a church might be filled with.
301 Name something that starts with "the gift of _______."
302 Name a job that involves horses.
303 Name a specific reason people get fired from their jobs.
304 Name a bug that makes some women scream.
305 Who is a celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight?
306 Name a vegetable people add to a salad.
307 Name something in a person's house that stays on all night long.
308 Name a decision people might have second thoughts about.
309 Name a piece of information you would expect to be printed on a business card.
310 Name a famous "Adam."
311 Name the most famous street in the United States.
312 Tell me a boy's name that starts with the letter "M."
313 Name something who is famous for being a chef.
314 Name a kind of singer.
315 Name something associated with Aladdin.
316 Besides medicine, name something people keep in their medicine cabinet.
317 According to women: What do men consider more important than marriage?
318 Name something people associate with Madonna.
319 Name something you might do when your hair is a mess.
320 Name something in your home you leave plugged in all the time.
321 Name a way you can tell that a fruit has gone bad.
322 Name a type of tree that grows very tall.
323 Name a city in Canada everyone has heard of.
324 Name something men put off doing for as long as they can.
325 Tell me a word you might use to describe Bill Gates.
326 Name something a man might do all day long if his wife let him.
327 Name a job title someone might have at a big company.
328 Besides snow, name something you would need to make a snowman.
329 Name something other than a person that could use a facelift.
330 Name a fruit people slice.
331 Name something in your car you can control with a push of a button.
332 Name a televised event that people throw parties to watch.
333 Name an ingredient you would find in trail mix.
334 Name a place on the human body where people will find the most unwanted hair.
335 Name a type of worker who often goes on strike.
336 Name a country an art student might want to visit.
337 Name an ingredient you would find at a fancy salad bar.
338 Name a sport where you still see athletes playing after they are forty.
339 Name something that starts with the word "lady."
340 Name something you might see in the jungle.
341 If you made a Zoro doll, name something it might come with.
342 Name something people use a coupon for.
343 Name a piece of equipment a plastic surgeon might use if he was going to give Mount Rushmore a face-lift.
344 Name a type of store you would find in a strip mall.
345 Name a foreign country Americans feel safe visiting.
346 Name a reason a husband might send his wife flowers.
347 Name something you would find in a chef salad.
348 Name something people serve at elegant parties.
349 Besides apple, name the most popular pie for dessert.
350 Name something a baseball player would hate to forget to bring with him to the ballpark.
351 Name an appliance you do not use often.
352 Name something you put a patch on.
353 Name a children's story that has the word "three" in the title.
354 Name a word or phrase which includes the word "basket."
355 Besides his wife, name a person a man might send flowers to.
356 Other than money, name a reason you would switch jobs.
357 Name something people clip.
358 Name something you can eat on a bun.
359 Name something you might need if you own a race horse.
360 Name something that is sold by pushy salespeople.
361 Name something people do before having their picture taken.
362 Name a city in Florida.
363 Name something that might be half-black and half-white.
364 Name a state where disaster could strike at any time.
365 Name something a wife might change about herself that her husband would not notice.
366 According to women: What is the part of a man's body that women check out first?
367 Name a place where people keep loose change.
368 Name something that has the word "shuttle" in it.
369 Name something people might not want because it is too much responsibility.
370 Real or fictional, name a famous Queen.
371 Name something you associate with Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz."
372 Name a famous Ben.
373 Name something you do in a booth.
374 Name a food people usually go to a deli to get.
375 Name something one of the characters from the Wizard of Oz wanted to get.
376 Tell me one fact about Bond, James Bond.
377 According to men: Name something a women would have a hard time going a whole week without doing.
378 Name an instrument you might hear in a rock band.
379 Name something a bird watcher carries with them.
380 Name something that some people do only on Sunday morning.
381 Name something that will last a long time if you take good care of it.
382 Name one of Bugs Bunny's pals.
383 Name something you are worried you do not get enough of.
384 Name a type of bean found in a salad.
385 Name something you would see a lot of in California.
386 Name something that has holes in it.
387 Name an animal you would find on a farm.
388 Name a breakfast food people might also eat for dinner.
389 Name a place Moms drive their kids after school.
390 Name something a married couple saves from their wedding day.
391 Name something associated with Goldilocks.
392 Name something kids bring home from school.
393 Name a type of junk food.
394 Name something that people twist.
395 Name something specific a stuntman does.
396 Name an animal you might worry about if you were swimming in the Amazon.
397 Name the most difficult part of learning to drive.
398 Name something you might find on a miniature golf course.
399 Name kid's game that a grown man would look pretty silly playing.
400 Name something people rub for good luck.
401 Name something that growls.
402 Name an animal sound you hear in a barnyard.
403 Besides in the bathroom, name a place where people might sing to themselves.
404 Name something associated with King Arthur.
405 Name a food that you only eat at restaurants because you do not know how to cook it.
406 Besides marriage, name the most important decision a person will make in their life.
407 Name something that makes a man feel free.
408 Name a famous sitcom family.
409 Name something men lose interest in when they fall in love.
410 Name something people know about Fred Flintstone.
411 Name something a hotel might offer for free.
412 Name a flavor of potato chip.
413 Name a place people like to bring a camera.
414 Name a musical instrument you would see in most jazz bands.
415 Tell me something specific that sailors get tattooed on their arms.
416 Name a movie monster that should have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
417 Name a reason most people would not want to be a farmer.
418 Name a man who is famous for dancing in the movies.
419 Name something of yours that, if it could talk, would say "wash me."
420 Name something Michael Jordan is famous for endorsing.
421 Name something that is found in a burrito.
422 Name an occasion when people take a lot of pictures.
423 Besides a chicken, name a creature that lays eggs.
424 Name something a movie director might yell on set.
425 Name something you might see in a kid's mouth.
426 According to women: What is something that makes a man unsexy?
427 Name an exercise high school gym teachers make you do.
428 Name another word for "little."
429 Name the first item people would take with them if their house was on fire.
430 Name a famous judge.
431 Name a game kids play in kindergarten.
432 Name something you would find at a kid's birthday.
433 Name an inventor kids learn about in school.
434 Name a kind of hoop.
435 Name a person people talk to in confidence.
436 Name a cartoon character you can have your picture taken with at Disneyland.
437 Name something you know about Alaska.
438 What is the biggest complaint that people have about public transportation?
439 Name something specific people might take off before they go to bed.
440 Name something women talk about with their hairdressers.
441 Name a high school subject that was a total waste of time.
442 Name an extra charge you might have to pay when checking out of a hotel.
443 Name something most people do not miss about high school.
444 Name an item you buy that needs to be assembled. ("Furniture" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
445 Name an actress who should gain a few pounds.
446 Name something a supermodel would probably never eat for dessert.
447 Name an occupation many women fantasize about having.
448 Name something vampires would not keep in their home that most people would.
449 Name something audience members do when they hate a movie.
450 Name a holiday when people have parties.
451 Name something embarrassing that might happen while you are laughing.
452 Name something women spend more time doing than men.
453 Name a part of a baby's body that is chubby.
454 In what country do Americans get the best buys when shopping for clothing?
455 Name something you might loan someone that you would not want back once they have used it.
456 Name something found in the Garden of Eden.
457 Name a vegetable used in Asian cooking.
458 Name something you need if you want to go fishing.
459 Name something men obsess about.
460 Name something you might put on your armpits if you ran out of deodorant.
461 Besides too much homework, name the biggest complaint kids have about their teachers.
462 Name a food that is often cooked in the microwave.
463 Name a famous person who lived in the Old West.
464 Name a popular vacation city in Mexico.
465 Name a wild animal that often becomes roadkill.
466 Name the oldest thing in your parents house.
467 Name a food that you would never eat with your hands.
468 Which U.S. state do you think has the most beautiful women?
469 Name a popular imported European car.
470 Name something people yell at that cannot yell back.
471 Some men are placing want ads for wives. Name one of the job requirements that might be listed.
472 Name a car that a wealthy person might drive.
473 Fill in the blank: A women should not judge a man by his _______.
474 Name an occupation that someone with a fear of heights should never consider.
475 Name something that might be self-service.
476 Name someplace you go where people always seem to be in a hurry.
477 Name a reason why you might send someone a card.
478 Name something that starts with the word "ice."
479 Name something people do not want to be late for.
480 Name something from your bathroom that you might bring on a camping trip.
481 Name something associated with Ireland.
482 Name something you would need if you wanted to be a lawyer.
483 Name a word used to describe the weather.
484 Name something you'd see a lot of at Disneyland.
485 Name something people try to keep when they get divorced.
486 Name a specific food you should not eat on a queasy stomach.
487 Name something only a millionaire could own.
488 Besides a house, name something people live in.
489 Name something a person might lie about in their resume.
490 Name a type of berry.
491 Name a famous Dan.
492 Name something that might be stolen from your car.
493 Name a phrase that ends with the word "mouth."
494 What excuse do people use when they do not return phone calls?
495 Name something about a flight you would be surprised to hear a passenger say was "good."
496 Name a body part that gets sore after a long day's work.
497 According to women: Which male action star is no longer a sex symbol?
498 Name a place in the house where people store their junk.
499 Name something you would need if you wanted to play a game of water polo.
500 Name something Donald Duck does that most ducks do not.
501 Name something Japan is famous for.
502 Name something a man might put on belonging to his wife if he got dressed in the dark.
503 Name a reason why a wedding might be canceled.
504 Name something that will melt if you leave it in the sun too long.
505 Tell me something people cook on a backyard grill.
506 Name a sport that does not contain the word "ball."
507 Name a way you can tell that Halloween is coming.
508 Name something people eat with chili.
509 Name something you own that causes you aggravation.
510 Name something people dislik about a sleeper sofa.
511 Name a reason a teacher might suspect a sick note was written by the student and not the parent.
512 Name a place you go where you don't want to sit behind someone with a big head.
513 Name a sport women think is sexy to watch.
514 Name a way you can tell a carton of milk has gone bad.
515 Besides salt and pepper, name a seasoning everyone keeps in their kitchen.
516 Name something people use to cure a backache.
517 Name a food that is better when it is crisp.
518 Name a type of pie not made from fruit.
519 Name something a student might forget to bring to school.
520 Name something people clip out of the newspaper.
521 Name a game kids play in the park.
522 Name a cut of steak.
523 Name someplace a child goes for the first time that might be traumatic.
524 Which actor's specialty is playing "nut cases?"
525 If you put food outside for a stray cat, name another animal that might eat it.
526 Name a word that ends with "scope."
527 Name something people associate with King Kong.
528 Name a type of vehicle where you usually sit in the back.
529 Name a place on the body where people have liposuction.
530 Name something a person might do in a talent contest.
531 Name someone who wears white gloves.
532 Name a way people get rid of mice.
533 Name a famous person whose last name is Allen.
534 Name something the planet Earth would be better off with less of.
535 Name a play written by Shakespeare.
536 Name a sport where you see players behaving badly.
537 Name the prettiest city in the U.S.
538 Name a service people cancel when they move.
539 Name a beverage served hot.
540 Name something which only happens to people once a year.
541 Name the most effective one-word command.
542 Name something you plan months in advance.
543 Besides skis, name something people use on a ski slope?
544 Name something that's rude to cancel at the last minute.
545 Name something you only want to do once.
546 When people buy a new car, name something they do with their old one.
547 Tell me a name you might give your pet that you'd hate to have as your name.
548 Name something you waste.
549 Name something you might do on a cruise ship that you can't do on a submarine.
550 Name something a person might rush to catch.
551 Name a place you would see someone wearing a towel.
552 Name a country that belongs with the letter "S."
553 Give me a name you hear a lot in the Bible.
554 Name something people go to that might be sold out.
555 Name a country known for its great athletes.
556 Name something that most American people would die for.
557 Name something people hide on purpose and can't remember where they put it.
558 Name something Miss America probably takes off her tiara to do.
559 Name something that for safety's sake, everyone should know how to do.
560 Name something people stock up on in case of a hurricane.
561 Name something men say they hate to give when they get married.
562 Name something associated with "David Hasselhoff".
563 Name a famous "Jerry".
564 Tell me something that ruins your dinner.
565 Name an activity that people wear gloves for.
566 Name a reason why a restaurant might not make a customer pay for his lunch.
567 Other than a doctor, name an occupation that makes house calls.
568 Past or present, name a game show about relationships.
569 Name something you couldn't do without your lips.
570 Name a fruit that's messy when you eat it.
571 Name an animal that swims.
572 Name something some people seem to do non-stop.
573 Name an appliance you would hate to live without.
574 Name a part of the average person's body that weighs 3 pounds.
575 Name the only thing you need to make your dog happy.
576 Name something that people develop.
577 Name something you'd expect to see in psychiatrist's office.
578 Name something people associate with Sesame Street.
579 Name one way customers are rude to a waitress.
580 Name someone who wears white clothes.
581 Name something people kiss for luck.
582 Name something you might "catch up on".
583 Name an occupation where there’s no sitting down on the job.
584 Name a reason people give to their bosses, when they ask for a raise.
585 Tell me a job a man might have in which he works with attractive women.
586 Name an ingredient in ratatouille.
587 Name a place people go to read in peace.
588 Name something you would not want to break down before you host a big party.
589 Name something that starts with the word "snow".
590 We asked 100 women: Name something you look at in a man's apartment to tell if he's clean or dirty.
591 Name an animal that bites.
592 Name something people want to know when they are buying a used car.
593 Name a bill you'll be paying every month for the rest of your life.
594 Name something a woman loses that makes her cry when she finds it.
595 Name something that might be missing from your car if you parked it in a bad neighborhood.
596 Name something a doctor carries in his bag when making a house call.
597 Name something men do more of when their mate is away.
598 Name something in your house you might program to automatically turn on.
599 Name a good rainy day activity.
600 Name a famous person who died in a place crash.
601 Name a character Bugs Bunny has been known to fight with.
602 Name something you reach for when the toilet overflows.
603 Name a phrase that starts with "Follow the _______".
604 Name something you might do if you found out your house was haunted.
605 Name something in your house that has faded.
606 According to married women: Name something a husband better not buy without consulting them first.
607 Name something a person might get caught in.
608 Name a kind of store a woman should spend time in if she wants to meet a man.
609 Name a happy event that can also be stressful.
610 Name a famous person, living or dead, whose last name is "Collins".
611 Name a reason people move from the city to live in the suburbs.
612 Name a song by Madonna that everyone knows.
613 Name a kind of place that is easier to get into than to get out of.
614 We asked 100 men: Name something you don't do today, if you can put it off until tomorrow.
615 Name a type of structure that is sometimes named after dead people.
616 Name something a cheerleader has lots of.
617 Name something people measure by the spoonful.
618 Name a word that rhymes with "first".
619 Give me a word that rhymes with "Pun".
620 Beside people, name something you'd try to save if your house was on fire.
621 Name a purchase you should consult your spouse about before making.
622 Besides a mattress, name something people sleep on.
623 We asked 100 women: Name an animal some men look like when they dance.
624 Name something you'd be very excited about spotting in the ocean.
625 Name a sport where the fans might yell "Crush 'em!".
626 We asked 100 men: What's the greatest gift a man can give a woman?
627 Name a bird you would not want to eat.
628 Name America's most famous department stores.
629 Name a fear many people have.
630 Name something angry wives throw at their husbands.
631 Name something that might take a nosedive.
632 After the Unites States, which country has the largest economy in the world?
633 Name something a child might do right before bed.
634 We asked 100 men... Name an actress whose affection would have you jumping on Oprah's couch too!
635 In your fantasies, name something you do to your boss.
636 Name another word for motion picture.
637 Name a chain of gas stations.
638 We asked 100 single women: Tell me something you have that has lasted longer than most of your relationships.
639 Name a dish you would cook for lots of people.
640 Name something that might make you dizzy.
641 Name a place where shoplifters stash the goods, until they're out of the store.
642 Name someone who works in a courtroom.
643 Name a job more people have in California than in any other state.
644 Name a state that has a lot of desert.
645 Name something that beach-goers complain about.
646 Name something you need when you do yard work.
647 According to men: Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the sexiest fairy tale character of them all?
648 Name something that might flop.
649 Name an event in the Summer Olympics.
650 Name something that can be cherry-flavored.
651 Name an actress or actor today that would be perfect to star in a remake of "Psycho".
652 Tell me a food that starts with the letter "L".
653 Name a hairy animal a bald man might train to sit on his head.
654 Name an appetizer you would find at a Chinese restaurant.
655 Name something people use to protect themselves from the sun.
656 Name something you would see at a fancy restaurant you would never see at McDonald's.
657 Name a fruit or vegetable bartenders use.
658 Name a children's TV show that teaches them something.
659 Name something people do to get rid of bad breath.
660 Name something that sparkles.
661 Name something that you can find in the sky that God did not put there.
662 Name a subject on which people are always giving unwanted advice.
663 Name a place you go to once or twice a week.
664 Name something embarrassing you might only notice by looking in the mirror.
665 Name a place where you're sometimes bothered by the person sitting behind you.
666 Name a foreign language many Americans learn in school.
667 Name a famous Andy.
668 Name something couples might fight about while planning their wedding.
669 Name a food that goes great with potato chips.
670 Name a specific competition in the Miss America pageant.
671 Name something about a man that might make other men jealous.
672 Besides a napkin, name something a person uses to wipe their mouth with.
673 Name something kids love to jump on.
674 Name something you might strap down if you live in earthquake country.
675 Name something you do everyday that the Queen of England has never done.
676 Name something people associate with a caveman.
677 Name something people think is a man's job.
678 Name a kind of place where you're treated more like a number than like a human being.
679 Name someone who uses a baton.
680 Name something that only happens once every 4 years.
681 Name a U.S. President whose name ends in "son".
682 Name an athlete who brings to mind the song "Nobody does it better".
683 Tell me a nickname for a man named Robert.
684 Name an occupation where you have to keep secrets.
685 Name a bad occupation for someone who is habitually late.
686 Name something you measure with.
687 What breed of dog might be called "Precious"?
688 Besides clothes, name something that has a zipper.
689 Name a place where it's important for children to sit still.
690 Name an occupation whose members you hope are smarter than you.
691 Name a holiday when you give cards.
692 Name a feature television sets have today they did not have fifty years ago.
693 Name your one possession that gives you the most hours of enjoyment.
694 Name something slobs use as a napkin.
695 If your cat went on strike, name something he might demand before returning to work as your pet.
696 Name something people buy for their patio.
697 Name an American city that foreign tourists love to visit.
698 Name a place you see men crying.
699 Name someone who usually wears a cape.
700 Tell me something you'd hate to find on the end of your nose.
701 Name something cars have today that they didn't have 50 years ago.
702 Name something you might put in your backyard to decorate if you were having a beach theme party.
703 Name something a person might buy to go with their swimming pool.
704 Name a food you buy at a convenience store that looks like it has been under the heat lamp for weeks.
705 Name a place where people are on their best behavior.
706 Name a course people bring to a pot luck dinner.
707 Name something people do to "get smart".
708 Name something someone does to keep from laughing.
709 Name something most men cannot resist taking a look at.
710 When it comes to raising kids, what's the one thing you need the most of?
711 Name something little kids have difficulty doing for themselves.
712 Name a type of movie they do not make like they used to.
713 Name a person you don't necessarily like, but are obliged to get along with.
714 If your dog won Best in Show, name something he'd do with his trophy.
715 Name a movie that starred Denzel Washington.
716 Name an animal that spends as much time in the water as on land.
717 Name something that might be cancelled because of cold weather.
718 Name a TV show that had a famous theme song.
719 Name something in the ocean that begins with the letter "S".
720 Name someplace people go that begins with the letter "M".
721 Name a pet that isn't much work, but also isn't much fun.
722 Name something every teacher needs.
723 Name a performer in the circus.
724 Name a section on a restaurant menu.
725 Name a time-honored tradition that fans observe at baseball games.
726 Name an occupation where you are expected to be a good role model.
727 Name something people do to prevent from getting sick.
728 Fill in the blank: It's hard to find a good _______.
729 Name a musical instrument heard at a wedding.
730 Name the most uncomfortable place you've ever slept.
731 Name something a friend has that they brag is better than yours.
732 Name something people fight about with their next-door neighbors.
733 Name something you would find on the floor of a movie theater.
734 Name something you wear that might leave a mark when you take it off.
735 Name a book that is found in most people's homes.
736 Name a type of toy a little boy might play with.
737 Name something associated with the state of Alaska.
738 Name something kids and their parents usually don't share the same taste in.
739 Name a professional who gets paid by the hour.
740 Name a cartoon with big ears.
741 Name something that ends with the word "code".
742 Name an insect that most people find harmless.
743 Name something you might buy at a hospital gift shop.
744 Which country's tourists are the biggest complainers?
745 Name a kind of collector cards people trade. ("Sports cards" is not a answer. Be more specific.)
746 Other than rain, name a reason a person might close the top of their convertible.
747 Name something that pours out thick.
748 Name something you'd hate to sit on, in a darkened theater.
749 Name a reason people prefer to live in small towns rather than big cities.
750 Name the oldest thing in your refrigerator.
751 Name something only a best friend would ask to borrow.
752 Name an animal that doesn't have a leg to stand on.
753 Name something that never works when you need it most.
754 Name something you might bring to someone who is sick.
755 Name a job in which you have to question the honesty of others.
756 Name something a man needs to really enjoy a football game.
757 Name the second most important person in the Bible.
758 Name something people do with a stick.
759 Name a celebrity who's served time in the slammer.
760 Name something people do to unclog a sink.
761 Name a way a baby can communication without words.
762 Name something Madonna has that the average woman might envy.
763 What do you think your occupation would be if you had a genius IQ?
764 Name something people associate with a nerd.
765 What is the biggest party city in the USA?
766 Name something that tastes best fresh out of the oven.
767 Name something most burglars never steal during a home robbery.
768 Name a musical instrument that's difficult to play.
769 Name something a dog might dream about.
770 Name a type of music that many people cannot stand.
771 Past or present, name any famous western movie star.
772 Name a famous man whose first name is Roger.
773 Name something you might buy from the reference section of a bookstore.
774 Name something the oldest child gets more of than the other kids in the family.
775 Name something you double-check before you go to bed.
776 Based on their personality, what kind of bird would you compare your mate to?
777 Name a place you don't want your cell phone to start ringing.
778 Name the loudest animal at the zoo.
779 Name a complaint a man might have about a woman's lips.
780 Name a monthly bill that is usually less than a hundred dollars.
781 Name something people wear that is white.
782 Name something country singers always since about.
783 Name a celebrity you do not want teaching your kids how to drive.
784 Name something that might ruin a picnic.
785 Name something that has a needle.
786 Name a U.S. city known for having great weather.
787 Name something people buy by the roll.
788 Name a job people apply for at a hotel.
789 Name something a skinny model might keep in her refrigerator.
790 When you're on a bad blind date, name something you wish you could be doing instead.
791 Name something you can rent.
792 Name a food that's served at a Japanese restaurant.
793 Name something you wouldn't want to have two of.
794 Name a place where people are required to show ID.
795 Tell me how many glasses of water the average person drinks a day.
796 Name something your boss does when you show up late for work.
797 Name something that might be shallow.
798 Name an animal that best describes your boss.
799 Name something men wear that they don't try on before buying.
800 Name something people put a padlock on.
801 Name something that has flippers.
802 Name a reason a mailman might have a bad day on his route.
803 Name an activity most husbands would rather their wife keep to a minimum.
804 Name something a contestant in a beauty pageant might wear.
805 Name something people like to drink in the morning.
806 Name something you could do in the waiting room of a hospital to pass the time.
807 Name a type of cheese Americans like the best.
808 Name something that might give you a jolt.
809 Name the toughest part about owning an elephant as a pet.
810 Name a place where someone gives their car to a stranger.
811 Which particular occupation is commonly held by people with the highest I.Q.?
812 Name an occasion when men buy roses.
813 Name something that people often do before they go on a job interview.
814 Name something that happens to a celebrity that makes the news.
815 Name a word or phrase that has the word "blind" in it.
816 Name something a parent might do if their kid's pet goldfish dies.
817 Name something a real car has that a soap box derby car might also have.
818 Name a souvenir you can buy at a rock concert.
819 Name a preprinted sign you can purchase at a hardware store.
820 Give me another word for "zero".
821 Name something you associate with the word "bug".
822 Name a female Disney character.
823 Name a reason a kiss might be bad.
824 Name something pack rats have a hard time throwing out.
825 Name a place tourists visit in Los Angeles.
826 Name an occupation where it's important that you have clean hands.
827 Name something you think some people let grow way too long.
828 Name something you might find in a teenage girl's bedroom.
829 Name an animal that's more capable of making a lasting commitment than humans.
830 Name a sound you'd hate to hear in the middle of the night.
831 Name a sporting event that only happens once a year.
832 If you were a 7 foot tall man, name a question you'd get tired of hearing.
833 Name a reason you might suspect a Little Leaguer is more than 12 years old.
834 Name a comedian who is known for his funny monologues.
835 Name a quality a single man needs in order to get on the most eligible bachelor list.
836 Name something people do to their hair that makes them look silly.
837 Name a fruit or vegetable used as a beauty aid.
838 Name a way people spoil their dogs.
839 Name something women do to their hair when they have a bad hair day.
840 Name a vehicle that doesn't have an engine.
841 Name something you would find at a laundromat.
842 Name something you would see in a cave.
843 Tell me somewhere you'd expect to meet a ghost.
844 Name something horses have that people don't.
845 Name something in your house you might not want a Sumo wrestler using.
846 In one word describe your feet.
847 Name something you might need if you break your leg.
848 Name a sport that is usually played in front of large crowds.
849 Name something that siblings compete over.
850 Besides acting, name a profession where the men are good looking.
851 Name a great American that kids learn about in grade school.
852 Name something specific that might delay a plane's takeoff.
853 Name someone who is known for their cookies.
854 Name something you should not take away from a baby unless you enjoy the sound of screaming.
855 Name something you might see on a street corner.
856 Name a place you wouldn't want to receive a cell phone call.
857 Name a home improvement a cheap guy might try to do himself to save money.
858 Name something dogs fetch.
859 Name something people register for.
860 Name something you might see someone doing on the side of a road.
861 Name something you would like taken away from CEO's of big companies.
862 Name a place that begins with the word "South".
863 Name something specific that shines at night.
864 Name a type of person who carries a sword.
865 Name a place some men have hair on their bodies that others don't.
866 Name a sea creature you should be afraid of.
867 Name a job you might get at a hospital.
868 Name something you always keep by your phone.
869 Name something people borrow money to pay for.
870 Name something you do every day that you hate.
871 What chore are you most guilty of putting off until tomorrow.
872 Name a sport you would be surprised to see a pregnant woman playing.
873 Name something America is running out of.
874 Name a famous woman who has had a lot of husbands.
875 Name a reason why a young man would try to cover up his tattoos.
876 Name a reason why people decide to play a certain lottery number.
877 Name a cartoon character who is very fast.
878 Name a sport where your main goal would be to stay alive.
879 Name a type of ring that people wear.
880 Name a TV personality you wish would take a vow of silence.
881 Name something that has a long neck.
882 Name something a store sells a lot of at Halloween.
883 Name something a person sees while driving that would cause them to slow down.
884 Name something that gets smaller the more you use it.
885 People are always complaining about taxes; Name something our taxes pay for, that you approve of.
886 Name a profession that charges people just to talk to them.
887 Name a job an athlete might have after they retire.
888 Name something people dye a different color.
889 Name something people purposely buy damaged so they can get a discount.
890 Name something that gives off light.
891 Name a reason why you choose one job over another.
892 Name a place children go that can be hotbed for germs.
893 Name an occupation whose members have huge egos.
894 Name something kids get yelled at for sticking their fingers in.
895 Name a musical instrument you will hardly ever see in a rock band.
896 Name something that, to a slob, belongs on the floor.
897 Name a game that is difficult to master.
898 Name a state people visit to go skiing.
899 Name something you might see someone doing on the side of the highway.
900 Name an annoying animal you wish Noah would have left off the ark.
901 Name somewhere people place flowers.
902 Some people are called "horse faced". Name another animal people look like.
903 Name a specific topping people put on yogurt.
904 Name something people do to try to get a baby to go to sleep.
905 Name a type of repairman you might call to your house in an emergency.
906 Name something made in America that's loved by people worldwide.
907 Name another word for "pretty".
908 Name a food people dip in butter.
909 Name an office responsibility that bosses consider to be "beneath" them.
910 Name a special feature people look for when renting an apartment.
911 Give me a two word expression that starts with the word "Love".
912 Name something you would hate to run of out.
913 Besides plastic surgery, name something women can do to dramatically change her appearance.
914 Name something that people get removed from their body.
915 Name an occasion when a women might be especially nervous and excited.
916 Name a job that, for one reason or another, would be too hard for you.
917 Name something you hate to get into when it's cold.
918 If your shirt accidentally caught on fire, what would be the best thing to do?
919 Name something people reach for once they are in bed.
920 Tell me something you wouldn't want to lose at the beach.
921 Name a letter of the alphabet that isn't used very much.
922 Name something people drink at Christmas.
923 Where should you hide during an earthquake?
924 Name a celebrity who probably had plastic surgery.
925 Name an occupation whose members wear business suits.
926 Name something that gets buried.
927 Name something that gets plugged up.
928 Name something people do while they're jogging on a treadmill.
929 Name something that makes people panic.
930 Name something that comes in threes.
931 Name an animal people sound like when they blow their nose.
932 Name something at breakfast that you might have two of.
933 Name a subject your friends seem to love giving free advice on.
934 Name something people postpone doing for as long as possible.
935 Name something you associate with Eve from the Bible.
936 If there were a musical named "Dogs", name a prop they would probably use on stage.
937 Name something at home that people might trip over.
938 Name something a person has for Thanksgiving, if they're all alone.
939 Name a Steven Spielberg movie.
940 Name the most exciting thing to shop for.
941 We asked 100 men: If we had a women president, what do you think she'd spend most of our tax dollars on?
942 Name an exhibit you expect to see at a country fair.
943 Name a women who's not afraid to say what she thinks.
944 Name something that people who are afraid of catching colds will refuse to do.
945 Name a place on a man's face he often nicks while shaving.
946 Name the hardest thing to teach a dog to do.